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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  March 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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trapped under a rail car and that is when a dramatic rescue unfolded. scott broom is in rockville to kind of walk us through it all. sky 9 over the scene as the dramatic rescue unfolded. a man struck by a train is alive and trapped underneath and rescuers are quickly working to lift the rail car with jacks. >> everybody was wondering is
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he alive or dead? >> reporter: bystanders seemed in disbelief that anyone could survive an ordeal but soon it became clear the victim had been freed in a matter of less than a half hour. >> i saw a brief moment of his head and he is still alive and he had cuts and bruises all over. >> the patient was alert and talking throughout this process. >> his ankle was underneath the wheel. >> reporter: this man was one of the rescuers manning this small hydraulic jack, lifting the 80,000-pound rail car just so. >> the patient's foot was pinned underneath the wheel and we lifted the wheel up maybe an inch and a half, two inches just to free his foot. >> reporter: the victim was taken to a trauma center with life threatening injuries. bystanders also described the dramatic seconds before the incidents dent. >> there was an actual person that saw him do it and they ended up going and saying that somebody jump and they stopped
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the train. >> reporter: investigators found the train stopped well short of its normal location. a quick thinking driver was able to stop the train in a hurry perhaps quickly enough to save a life with the help of rescuers prepared for anything. metro investigators have spoken to witnesses. it does appear that this individual put himself down on the tracks intentionally, apparently a suicide attempt but in this case a life saved and a second chance at living life. reporting live from the metro station in rockville, scott broom, 9 news now. >> thank you. a dc family wants to bury their brutally murdered child. we have a report on the horrible situation faced by this loved one. >> we need her body to close it. >> reporter: carolyn frazier was overcome with grief outside superior dc court. her 18-year-old daughter was
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killed on august 2nd. the 128-year-old was beaten, stomped and choked to death in this southeast apartment allegedly by two men and three women. they appeared in court today. police believe the killers jumped her partially dismembered apartment here behind dismembered -- her dismembered body behind this apartment. the search they say would be hazardous and cost as much as a million dollars. >> i work for a company like that and i know how the lands fill works. >> reporter: but the victim's family doesn't care wondering why the system won't pay to find her body but will pay for her accused killer's public defenders. >> nobody's family member should be at that place, not even for my sister. nobody's family member deserves to be at a trash site. >> reporter: the lawyer for one of the defendants wouldn't talk to us but he asked the judge to
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force dc police to search her body. >> the family is confident of the outcome. >> they par took in murder and that's what they should get, murder. >> reporter: in dc superior court, 9news now. >> the judge has asked defense lawyers to put the request in writing before he decides if he will order police to search for frasier's body. a man has died that was. they believe it all started inside the club. the the victim has just been identified. the victim was 30 years old and lived in the northeast. workers walking off their job at the washington hospital center today working without a contract for nearly a year. so what is the impact of this strike on patient care. lindsey mastis joins us now live from the hospital where the nurses are still walking
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the picket line tonight. lindsey. >> reporter: that's right. the strike is supposed to last for 24 hours and nurses say that they are on strike over staffing and patient safety but the hospital says that this strike is all about the money. it seems that now everybody knows about this dispute even though they had been negotiating up until recently. patients even know about it. we wanted to find out if patient care is affected so we went inside the hospital today to find out. >> reporter: we are told five of the seven nurses scheduled to work in the transplant unit did, crossing the picket line and two contract nurses joined them to help out temporarily. >> we had hundreds of nurses cross the picket line. >> reporter: she says two thirds of the hospital's regular nurses hired to show up. they hired 300 replacement nurses just in case. >> we have more nurses than
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what we need. >> everywhere we go. >> reporter: but some of the nurses on the picket line wondered whether replacement nurses would be able to care for patients properly. >> they chose to hire nurses from around the country for a few days that don't know our hospital or our patients. so it does make me nervous. >> reporter: hospital officials say it is the strike that is hurting patients. >> do you think the protest is actually hurting the patients? >> i would tell you it is. they need to be quieter. this is a hospital. >> reporter: even though the strike is supposed to last 24 hours these nurses will be off work for about five days. >> they blew it up into a five- day confrontation. it was completely unnecessary on their part. but they are doing it to be punitive within the nurses. >> reporter: the hospital says it is because they are required to pay the replacement nurses for 60 hours of work. >> we are going to get what we
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paid for. >> reporter: while both sides blame the other for drama and pettiness it is patients that are stuck in the middle but the people we talk to say they really have not noticed the lack in care. >> just a little chaotic but other than that, i mean, he was seen right away. >> as long as they were taking care of me i was fine. >> reporter: i asked patients if they could tell the difference between a regular nurse and a temporary replacement nurse. the ones i talked to said they have from the not been able to tell a difference in care. i'm lindsey mastis. back to you. >> thank you, lindsey. police have identified a robbery they believe was caught on tape. and they believe this what you are about to see was an elderly attack in prince george's county. this is some surveillance video from discount cigarette store in district heights last friday. the 71-year-old victim is at the counter when a man comes up behind her, grabs her purse and drags her to the ground. the woman suffered broken bones
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and bruises. investigators are now looking for a 32-year-old man who is seen here in a previous mugshot. anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county police. a former wachovia bank manager pled guilty to stealing more than $14 million in client's accounts. the woman faces up to 30 years this in prison. prosecutors said she told clients that she could set up special accounts that would provide tax free existence and she then took the money. a gay marriage bill one step closer to passage in maryland. a house committee voted 12-10 to approve the measure today now the bill goes to the full house of delegates. same-sex marriage bill passed the senate already and the governor says he will sign it if it reaches his desk. nfl labor talks will continue come monday. today the league and its players agreed to a seven-day exextension of the current par gaining agreement.
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>> that means a possible lockout has been delayed until at least next friday night. brett haber was there for the announcement and joins us now with reaction. brett? >> reporter: lesli and anita, these two sides keep coming to the brink of the nuclear option in these negotiations and they keep pulling themselves back from the edge. their extra day of talking today yielded more talking and while that's not a solution it beats a picket line. >> reporter: a day after pushing the deadline back by 24 hours today the two sides pushed it back an additional week stopping the clock on the cba until next friday at midnight and forestalls the possibility of a lockout, a decertification of the union and a full scale legal war. >> we are continuing to work hard starting to identify solutions. we believe that, as i said many times before, that this would be solved through negotiations. >> it has been an honor and privilege to work with our executive committee and a number of our reps over the last few days to try to
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negotiate for a fair deal. >> reporter: there has been some progress on the key issues. for example, the two sides were a billion dollars apart on revenue sharing. now they are $750 million apart. i guess that's progress. >> when you come from a place of completely opposed philosophies and make incremental gains that's a good sign. they are still $750 million apart per year on a seven-year deal. >> reporter: there may be a possibility there will be no solution handing out tips to their players on how to save money in the event of a protracted work stoppage. meanwhile it continues to be the fans who have no say in these negotiations and feel betrayed by both sides. >> i think it is a crock. i really do. i think the fans are going to get screwed on this. >> shouldn't they work it out? >> of course. >> why won't they? >> because they are greedy. >> reporter: a lot of people
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hold that opinion. now the owners are refusing to open their financial books to the players. the players say if you want more money to us you've got to prove that you deserve it. we will have more later on this hour on the seven-day extension on these nfl labor talks. for now i'm brett haber in northwest dc. back to you in the studios. >> millionaires and billionaires talking it out. thanks, brett. time for a check on the evening rush hour. it is friday, monica. how is it looking? >> we have got the yellow light, anita, because it is the friday get away. let's start off with a live look at 66. about an hour ago there was an accident on the westbound side of 66 right here at route 29 in centerville. it has been cleared as you can see. you've got delays off and on beginning at the beltway passing through 123 in towards centerville again with the lanes open. so some good news for you there. we will take you to the outer loop of the beltway here at braddock road. pretty much the same story. there was an accident.
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we spoke to virginia state police. they said it has been cleared but you've got delays beginning at the american legion bridge heading southbound on the beltway pretty much all the way towards braddock road again with the lanes open. if you're planning to commute, right now everything is running on time. we do have a commuter look for weekend riders on metro's orange and blue line. starting tonight at 10:00 p.m., metro plans to close five stations between stadium armory. stadium and armory and bedding road will be closed as well. ongoing track work is the cause. expect delays up to 40 minutes this weekend. the stations will reopen in time for monday morning's rush hour. anita, back to you. >> thank you, monica. still ahead tonight. for the first time relatives watch an accident that left a young manassas bmx rider paralyzed. increased clouds but no need to worry about the rain
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but for this weekend, oh, yes, grab the umbrellas and the storm boots. we will talk about that and your seven-day forecast coming up a little bit after the break but first a look at your temperatures. temperatures in the 40s and 50s tonight. more details coming up on that. >> thank you, anny. up next, a truly sad and shocking story out of michigan. a high school basketball player collapses and dies after hitting a game winning shot.
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the accused jared lockner. shoot action on january 8th. he pled not guilty to the initial charges. prosecutors have not said yet
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whether they will seek the death penalty for the man that shot gabrielle giffords. a high school basketball player scores a winning shot then collapses and dies. terrell brown has the story. >> reporter: michigan high school basketball start wees leonard had made the winning layup. when they confirmed the victory, teammates hoisted leonard into the air then the 16-year-old junior collapsed on the court. joy turned to shock in the packed gymnasium. >> i just heard someone screaming for me and just a scream that i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: an hour and 20 minutes later leonard was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was great. great teammate. a leader. strong for us when we needed him. >> reporter: earlier this sunday leonard eclipsed the 1000 point mark for his high
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school basketball career. as a quarterback on the football field he threw seven touchdowns in the game that won the school the division championship. >> wes leonard was the quintessential all american kid. that small town boy, the quarterback, the basketball star who kids looked up to, who kids admired. >> reporter: grief councilors helped out at the school where lenard's mother is also a teacher. the medical examiner ruled leonard went into cardiac arrest the result of an enlarged heart, which can be hereditary or can be brought on by a virus. leonard had suffered from the flu. >> a 14-year-old wrestler suffered a seizure at home following a wrestling match. we want you to check your medicine cabinets this week the food and drug administration
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ordered 500 prescription drug cold medicines to be pulled from the market. the problem is these drugs were never checked by the feds for safety or effectiveness. this is not a recall though. but you may well have one of the top four drugs on that list in your home. they include these. you want to stop using them and call your physician. some doctors may not even be aware they prescribed drugs that haven't been tested. the full list is at our web site nasa says a rocket that blasted off this morning has now crashed into the pacific ocean. the rocket was supposed to carry an earth observation satellite into orbit. it lifted off this morning. but engineers say a protective shell on the rocket failed to separate from the satellite and that's what doomed the mission. >> but we failed to make orbit.
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and all indications are that the satellite and rocket -- or is -- satellite and rocket is in the pacific ocean somewhere. >> this is a traumatic for these guys because we are talking about a 4. $424 million mission. >> you can hear the disappointment in his voice. >> absolutely. no disappointment though with the weather today. we didn't have any rain. >> yes, that's fairly uneventful as far as the precipitation is concerned. little chilly outside. not too bad. changes for this week. as you're getting ready to make plans for saturday, sunday, we do have some rain coming this way and some very heavy rain at times. we will time it outline for you. get outline the umbrella and rain boots for the week. take a look at our current conditions right now where temperatures are in the 40s and
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50s including college park. 48 for fairfax. dc at 48 degrees. 50 in rockville. so if you have plans for tonight, dinner plans and would like to go see a movie definitely i would layer up because it will be cold again tonight. here is a look at the satellite radar picture where we do have some showers that we are tracking that will impact our area by tomorrow for some locations. some of it was severe. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect earlier today. we are expecting some increasing clouds as the rain is on the way. chilly tonight, a mild saturday. heavy rain possible for sunday. i am worried about flooding in some locations. definitely clear your gutters before the storm especially by saturday night and sunday. here is a look at the futurecast. tonight we are not worried about the lane. by tomorrow morning, may see a little bit of shower activity, culpeper, frederick, saturday 9:00 a.m. in the morning. dc at the moment staying dry. then by the evening hours, 5 p.m., scattered showers developing also out to the west
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in cumberland and oakland. dc will see some more rain by 10:00 p.m. and then overnight it will be kind of more steady and more widespread and then on sunday we are talking very -- a soaking day. here is a look at some of the rainfall totals in our futurecast. by tomorrow morning, just a little bit in dc, most of it though to the north and west of us. by sunday evening we can see more of the rainfall totals really start to add up. look at cumberland by 6:00 p.m. dc point three. tonight we are expecting mostly cloud conditions and chilly. lows 35 to 40 degrees. so overnight will be fairly chilly most locations. 36 manassas. and then for tomorrow we are expecting cloudy conditions and chilly. temperatures 30, south winds at 10 to 15. can be breezy at times. by the afternoon some chance of scattered showers but mild. highs 57 to 62 degrees. here is how things are shaping up for your saturday. cold and then 50s by the noon
5:21 pm
hour. 60s by 5 p.m. and then here is a look at your forecast. tomorrow, 60. sunday heavy rain is possible. high 53 degrees. here is your seven-day outlook. we are worried about a little bit of small also for sunday night into monday. not in dc up north and west of the area. maybe along interstate 81 and west in the valley and we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain for some parts of dc metro area by the time the storm is said and day much the big day is really sunday for the soaking rain. >> anny, thank you so much. new evidence today that the labor market is finally bouncing back. but many people are still hunting for jobs. >> we will bring you the latest numbers up next. when severe storms threaten our area the 9news now weather team will trigger severe weather alert days. >> our firm commitment to keeping you safe an informed. >> when a dangerous storm approaches we will go into further severe weather alert mode. 9 traffic now is brought to
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so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. stocks ended the week with losses on wall street the dow down 88 points to close the week at 12,169 nasdaq dropping 14 points and s&p 500 lost 9 points. new numbers show the job market has reached a turning point and it may be the best report in years. the unemployment rate now stands under 9%.
5:25 pm
the lowest level since 2009. the job market is slowly bouncing back. last month companies hired at the fastest pace in nearly a year. the economy added 192,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. that's the lowest in almost two years. calvin gordon hopes his situation will turn too. >> i vent eventual vent -- eventually will get a job. the when is concerning. >> when companies see the economy gaining strength they are more willing to add to their payrolls. fed chief ben bernanke says things are going in the right direction. >> i think the key here is that instead of unemployment stagnating or going up, that we see a sustainable recovery moving forward. >> reporter: the strongest hiring was in factories, education and health care.
5:26 pm
retailers cut jobs and so did state and local governments. over 13.5 million people are still looking for work. for calvin gordon being unemployed has been both a financial and a psychological blow. >> i'm not a person that is made to stay home. i can't. you know. so this is really kind of driving me crazy. >> reporter: the economy has been growing for six straight quarters but in the job market there is a long way to go. there are still twice as many unemployed as there were before the start of the recession. >> the unemployment rate has now fallen for three straight months and while analysts see that as a good sign they caution improvement in the job market will still come at a very slow pace. coming up next. new at 5:30 p.m. the last time ricky chang road his bike or walked was three years ago but he and his family are determined he is going to do it again some day. i'm peggy fox.
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his ininspirational story coming up. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. what's in your wallet?
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breaking news. we go to new york where two workers are either trapped or
5:30 pm
tangled in some scaffolding. they are about 12 stories up. you can see where the rescuers are literally trying to reach out one window where one man is farther up than the other and is closer to that window. it does look like he has a harness on and they are trying to get him over to the window. the second gentleman a story below him. a boy that became paralyzed from riding his bmx bite hopes to walk again. >> for the first time his whole family watched the video that captured the accident. >> once you do it you get over it and you get that rush feeling you're just like, oh, man, that was awesome. >> reporter: his friend was videotaping him while he practiced what is called a rail grind. normal summer day in 2008 but what happened next was not normal. the fall left him paralyzed.
5:31 pm
>> i was going a little too fast, too much at an angle. >> hard to watch, isn't it? >> i've gotten used to it now. >> kind of? >> yes. never easy to watch it. >> reporter: it was the first time ricky's sister saw the video. >> it was so similar sad knowing that was the last thing he ever did. >> reporter: ricky has watched it over and over. >> it is like when you hit your funny bone and your arm goes tingling, my whole body just felt like that. >> reporter: ricky has improved gaining the movement of his right arm back. he keeps his bike in his room to motivate him. >> i kind of look at my bike and i am like, i need to get back that. >> reporter: no one tried to deter him from that. they are all into sports. > >> reporter: the reason the children are all into extreme sports probably has something
5:32 pm
to do with their mother. she rides a harley. >> everything is dangerous. i wish he didn't have to go through what he is going through but i would definitely not change things because that's what they enjoy. they love it. >> reporter: she says you can't let an accident keep you from living. she believes her son will ride again. in manassas, peggy fox, 9news now. >> ricky is waiting to receive a service dog and he hopes to go to college. the family has had some difficulty paying all his medical bills. we have a link if you wish to help him on our website more breaking news. prince george's county are on the scene of a police-involved shooting. this happened shortly after 4:20 p.m. this is in clinton at a gas station. lots of police there. at this hour we don't know and police don't know either what sparked the shooting or the condition of the suspect or the suspects but we will keep you
5:33 pm
updated. overseas in libya, police fired tear gas at protestors on the streets of tripoli. despite a violent crackdown hundreds of demonstrators still came out after friday prayers. they are demanding moammar gadhafi step down. the u.n. imposed economic sanctions on libya but so far it is not stopping gadaffi from attacking his own people. layoff notices could soon arrive for hundreds of state workers in wisconsin. the governor is issuing those layoffs unless one democratic senator comes back to vote on legislation that would strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights. one state lawmaker had a run-in with security guards when he came into the state capitol last night. democratic representative was tackled by an officer when he tried to enter the building. he said he was just trying to
5:34 pm
get some personal stuff from his office. area students may be living in some of the worst dorms in the nation. that's according to a campus life website. released its list of the top 14 worst dorms in the nation and on the list george mason university was ranked as having the second worst dorms. commonwealth hall is a five- story building. and that's not all. the president's place came in fourth place. we talked with students at george mason who live in the dorms and some say they are not surprised. >> the elevators behind us rarely work. and the lighting -- there is no lighting in them when they do work. and you can't get wi-fi in your rooms, you have to sit in the hallway. >> i live in a forced triple. i live in the size of a double with three people forced in there. and i don't even have a wardrobe. >> a george mason university spokesperson says they are proud of their housing program
5:35 pm
and that the demand for dorms grows each year. georgetown university's darnell halls was the third worst. hoyas at 6 and georgetown's village. gw came in at 1314. charlie sheen has tweeted his way into the record books. >> the troubled actor received 1 million followers on twitter. did he it in 25 hours, 17 minutes. a hot dog stand on ventura boulevard now has a charlie dog with tiger blood and a side of goddess which is a fried twinkie. >> sheen ate there and tweeted some photos of his hot dog then wrote on the chalkboard.
5:36 pm
>> he had a chicago dog and he was almost done eating it before he stopped and stood up and he was like, this needs something. >> i recommended this. would you like some straight up hot sauce? >> he called it tiger's blood. 30 minutes later we were getting phone calls all day and for sure ladies coming to look for this guy. >> sheen's sayings are becoming catch phrases. sheen speech is spreading rapidly over the internet and onto t-shirts. there are even glossaries up to keep track of sheen's colorful language. surveillance video showing a 31-year-old storming out of a liquor store leaving a frail of broken bottles much booze in her wake. you may have seen this. the woman said the clerk set her off by using the term you people but the clerk said the woman got upset because she thought she had to wait too long. >> you too many, you kind of
5:37 pm
people, i don't know why y'all come in here and cause so much trouble. who is you people and what is my kind of people? >> either way, it is no excuse what she did. whatever she was feeling still she shouldn't have done what she has done. she could have walked out and went to another liquor store. >> the woman admits she was wrong for destroying all that property and has apologized to the owner due in court march 16th but she is yet to be charged. coming up next, a homeless man gets a reward for turning in the cash he found laying on the street. and coming up new at 6:00 p.m. attention ipad owners you've got a payday coming courtesy of apple. we are going to tell you how much you are going to get paid. and don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back. he's single, he's great looking and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth.
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get out your pen and pain and see if you know any of these people who can claim some cash. maybe it is even owed to you. money from state and city agents and there is also unclaimed property out there for the taking. items from dormant safety deposit boxes. so we will take a look at our maryland lucky list of rerecipients. we have them on the screen. boy, i tell you what could you have five more easy names. you are on the list for having unclaimed money or property coming your way. over in virginia and the district, the people making the list... all of you named need to log on
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to our website and learn how to apply for your cash. plus, if you did not hear your name you can look it up here too. in is the one location to see if you are owed money anywhere in the country. >> nice pronunciation, lesli. a homeless man is making headlines in pennsylvania tonight for his honesty. john cavanaugh found more than $1400 in cash and turned it over to police. it turned out a lawyer had a hole in his pocket and the cash fell out. cavanaugh and the lawyer met yesterday and the attorney presentedded him with a cash award and he will make a donation to a pantry where cavanaugh frequently eats. a local company is selling all of its stuff more than a century after it first opened. they look like harmless trinkets but they can make kids
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breaking news now. going back to yonkers. two men are tangled in scaffolding. they are 12 stories up. we cannot tell what kind of building this is. it could be an apartment building. could be a hotel. it is definitely a big building whatever it is. something apparently the scaffolding came off the building and these two men are sort of dangling there. rescuers are trying to reach them. when we looked at this picture awhile ago it looks like they were making some progress but, again, still trying to get those two workers trapped out there. we have a health alert tonight for women about the risk of taking an epilepsy drug if they become pregnant. cleft palette issues. this drug isn't only prescribed for seizures but to prevent migraines so it is pretty
5:46 pm
wildly used. the fda says doctors should look for alternatives to prescribe to women of child bearing age. now a dangerous metal in children's jewelry. cadmium. scientists released new information on just how toxic it can be. >> i love it. >> reporter: like so many children her age this 2-year- old girl loves to play dress- up. >> she loves to put on jewelry. her magic wand. >> reporter: but new research has a health warning for her mom. some costume jewelry contains the toxic metal and this study found if the child puts those metal objects in her mouth or accidentally swallow them the exposure could be 100 times more than the recommended leader. >> it is toxic to people, especially children and it is especially noteworthy for causing kidney damage. >> reporter: it can cause
5:47 pm
kidney, bone and liver disease. last year wal-mart recalled miley cyrus dolls. this study looked at pendants imported from china. manufacturers turn to the cheap alternative of cadmuim. now realizing the risk some states have limited cadmuim letter. >> don't buy imported jewelry. >> reporter: her mom does her best. >> am i going to stop her from playing dress up? not much you can do. >> but you can control what she plays with. these were sold at claire's boutique. in general the safety product commission says parents should stay away from all metal costume jewelry all together.
5:48 pm
want the ipad ii from apple but don't want to stand in line? we are giving you a chance to win your very own on our facebook page. go there, like us, enter our great tablet give away and if you refer your friends you'll have an even better shot at winning. if you're already a fan just click on the sweepstakes link on the left side of the page to enter and we will announce the winner on. closing up shop and inventory worth over $1 million went on the auction block today. the business is mowers and farm equipment. the owner started working there when he was just 6 years old. >> well, you hope you've done the community so good and helped people to grow and prosper and we have surely enjoyed all of the company and customers we have made over the years and i think they have enjoyed doing business with us. we always worked on a handshake. never had to have too much
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paperwork. >> those were the days. he is now 75 years old and said it is just plain time to retire. >> more than 100 years. >> he has had a full life and a full business life too if you think about that. >> very good attitude. you're looking at it. >> time to retire. what's ahead for the weekend, anny >> if you plan to be outside, going for a run, take the dog or kids out, do it earlier because the later afternoon and evening hours you may see rain. then sunday forget it. will really be a soaking day. we do have a system coming off from the coast. that system will be slowly marching its way through in the form of clouds first overnight and then saturday we will see some scattered showers throughout the day and then by the evening hours there is a better chance. here is a look at the futurecast to show you what's going to be happening, when and where. by saturday morning some light scattered stuff. dc should be fine. and then it will be more
5:50 pm
intense by the evening hours and more widespread into sunday. then sunday i think we will see more of the rain really widespread throughout the day and afternoon hours. just how much rain can we get? this wide, view shows you a better idea where you can see in the blue by by sunday morning 1 to 2 inches and then the purple 2 to 3 inches by monday morning. so i think flooding could be a concern by monday morning for that commute. tonight expecting mostly cloudy and chilly conditions. lows 35 to 40 degrees. and then we will see lows right around 39 for annapolis. 34 in leesburg. and then for tomorrow we are expecting emotionally cloudy conditions and also a chance of some scattered showers in the afternoon. it will be mild though by the afternoon. right around 57 to 62 degrees. we will have the seven-day forecast a little bit later. >> all right, thank you, anny. the nfl and its players agreeing to another extension. this one will last a week. >> brett haber has been covering this all day. they are still talking and at least are not on the picket
5:51 pm
line. >> reporter: that's the good news, guys. there does come a point, though, in every negotiation where you either solve the dispute or one side gets so fed up with the other side that one side gets up from the table and walks away. what today's developments tell us is we are not at that point yet. the owners and players did decide to extends their negotiations by another week. the deadline extended for seven days today. they will take the weekend and reconvene on monday for more talks. this is george kohn, the chief federal negotiator who is the man keeping the two sides at the table. >> my colleague and i are here to facilitate, to assist and help people reach an agreement over the course of -- it has only been 11 days, ladies and gentlemen, we have at least achieved that level of dialogue and that level of constructive discussion. >> reporter: so that is the referee in this title fight both sides praising his efforts
5:52 pm
so far. please to be joined by jarret bell. >> i think this is big news. the sides are still talking. no one has walked away. no one has fired their ultimate missile at the opposite side. that's progress. before this mediation started a couple weeks ago they talked once, twice in three months. >> now ultimately at the end of the day this negotiation comes down to roger godell the commissioner on one of the table and the union chief on the other side of the takable table. what can you tell us about the relationship of these two men in relation to getting this done? >> the two have had many conversations face-to-face together representing their parties. i think it still is about business at the end of the day. >> we should remember that the
5:53 pm
two others started out as adversaries. >> this is the first time leading this and they don't want to take a loss. that's another reason why the negotiations have gotten to this point. >> your gut feeling, a week today at the new deadline will we have a lockout or solution? >> i think we will a solution -- i think we will have a solution. >> they are on the verge of throwing it away. we will be back at 6:00 p.m. >> hard to grasp. in tonight's cool school report. coming up new at 6:00 p.m a david versus goliath story. accused of stealing a movie from the world's worst movie director. she says she didn't do it.
5:54 pm
he wants tens of thousands.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
students are making history at an elementary school in southeast dc making it with their own hands. building their own museum.
5:57 pm
an active way to invest with the past to prepare themselves for the future. in tonight's cool schools report we go to miner elementary. >> reporter: miner elementary in southeast dc is becoming a museum. and the students are making the artifacts. >> i made a jet. >> reporter: the display is called "through the eyes of young washingtonians." >> we are doing this. >> reporter: each grade gets its own scene but this is more than just a special project, it is a way of teaching. the principal believes it makes a real difference in how students contact with the concepts. >> each quarter is based on students' interests that drives the curriculum not teachers. >> reporter: teachers used this for the basis of lessons on everything from math to art to history. >> and when you can give a
5:58 pm
child to a topic that they are truly and genuinely invested in, i think all of those skills that are required for life long learning become even more tangible. >> reporter: they have to he teach what they have learned to people visiting the exhibits. >> it was the first continental railroad. >> reporter: what's a museum without a curator. >> my name is george washington carver. >> reporter: this is a fifth grader arthur tapper and he is the spokesman for his class. >> you can do anything. $5. >> reporter: like it, touch it, be it approach to teaching is starting to pay off because now the principal says the students are learning it too. >> i'm beginning to see increase in test scores for
5:59 pm
benchmark tests for my students because we are teaching to where teachers need to teach skills so students can become proficient in those skills. >> reporter: and practice at public speaking too. >> today we will go to chuckie cheese and mcdonald's and safeway. >> reporter: now that's cool. >> have to agree. if you have a cool school, e- mail mike at and maybe your school will be profiled on one of his reports on fridays. >> thank you for joining us on this friday for 9news now at 5 p.m. 9 news now at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. and we have got more wrecking news. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon" jamore breaking news coming out of clinton, maryland. sky 9 is above the scene. as you can see there are a lot of police officers there. details are sketchy but we know that there has been a shooting involving police officers at a gas


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